Our Strengths

  • A total solution provider - from forming small precise parts to full fabrication of a machine.
  • Our proven skills and experiences - in handling a variety of material – stainless steel, aluminium, cold roll steel and etc.
  • Continued investments for improvements – for both tooling and machineries for better production output and also willingness to invest time and efforts to work with customers in improving customer’s product and its production process.
  • Our group’s involvement in various sectors or industries enables us to understand needs and requirements and build them to your specifications !

Ethics & Practice

Dignity is the key factor of our success. We seek to excel in the metal industry, as an innovative company developing product with quality & dignity supported by strong values, ethics & practices.

Core values
Determined to be the best
Integrity Management
Going the extra miles
No limit
Inspiring others
Targets met!
You are important to us!

Research and Development
Believing that there is always space for improvement, our team of resourceful and innovative in-house researchers and product developers continuously push the bar, emphasizing quality and efficiency in every product developed.

Being the foundation of the company, MSM believes in investing valuable resources in training programs, safe and conducive working environment and fair employment.

Technology and Innovation
Always working smarter and more efficiently, MSM continue to invest in upgrading of facilities and machineries to ensure effective production output while maintaining its grade of high quality products.

As successful business dealings should always be a “win - win” situation, MSM’s practices integrity and fairness in all its dealings. Be it with customers, suppliers and employees alike.

Maintaining strict practices and control during manufacturing process ensures that quality is not compromised and this practice makes MSM the chosen supplier by many customers.

MSM proudly practices Malaysia’s customs and culture of friendly and hospitable service when dealing with customers and suppliers alike. Providing prompt added value service makes it easy and reassuring for customers.